Frontier Marketing possesses both the capability and experience to offer world class merchandising service standards for your brands in all the sales channels.

Our merchandising operation has been proven to rectify the common problems faced by suppliers e.g. Non-Compliance, Out of Stocks, Falling Rate of Sale, Threat of Competition etc. and provides significant improvements to the visibility and availability of your products on shelf.

We offer a wide range of merchandising options and can develop contract, tactical or rapid response merchandising teams to meet Client’s requirements. We operate in all the Tier 1, 2 & 3 supermarkets in East Africa.

With experienced merchandising staff based throughout the region supported by an infrastructure of regionally based Supervisors, we are able to hand pick a team to suit the needs of your product.

Our staff is able to manage stock requisition from the central warehouses onto the shop floor and merchandise for maximum impact. In addition to that, the team can also prompt and effect orders at store level as well as reconciling computer records with actual stock figures held in store.

Our merchandising operation is backed up by a sophisticated reporting software which ensures that reports are relayed to clients in real-time. A key differentiating factor of Frontier merchandising is the data analytics team which sifts through raw data coming from the field to provide useful insights to drive your business.

Our Automated Field Sales Solution

Frontier Marketing is the East Africa authorized implementation partner for Xnapp Automated Route to Market Solutions used in 30+ countries with over 60,000 users.