Your sales force can be wholly outsourced to Frontier Marketing or supplemented by flexible and cost-effective support over peak periods e.g. new product launches, seasonal upturns in demand, market storming, retail penetration drives or in response to competitor activity.

Frontier can provide this resource on a short term tactical basis or via a long term strategic solution. Let us showcase our market knowledge and best practice in Route-to-market execution. From wholesale drives, van selling, depot management and internet sales to market storming, bicycle merchants and even door to door vending, we do it all.

Our East Africa retail database contains about 170,000 shops/dukas and up to 20,000 HORECAs and Entertainment outlets. This database is updated in real time as our sales agents carry out their activities. They are all geo-mapped and ready for your listing or market penetration campaigns.

We have a team of highly skilled sales people ready to take on your sales activity at short notice across the region. They are empowered with mobile-based reporting software and hardware to ensure you receive your field reports and photographs real-time.

You name it; as long as it involves selling we’ll do it professionally and in a style unique to your brand.

Our Automated Field Sales Solution

Frontier Marketing is the East Africa authorized implementation partner for Xnapp Automated Route to Market Solutions used in 30+ countries with over 60,000 users.